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Mainstream Miscellany: Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”

By Regina Carlisle So, my Head Editor suggested that I actually discuss art and culture more relevant to today’s mainstream youth. Her disembodied voice said it would make the paper more relevant. We could even spread our influence to the next county. I asked her what she considered relevant to today’s youth culture and after… Continue reading Mainstream Miscellany: Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”

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A Mistake, Thy Name is Thomas

By Mariela Hudson Must I opine, dear readers? You already know how this is going to go. I’ll write something about the unfortunate results of this Tuesday’s mayoral election and my editor, September Knight, will hack it down to a more sanitized version for your consumption. But I’m not one to hold my tongue even… Continue reading A Mistake, Thy Name is Thomas

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Devlin Thomas Makes History

By September Knight Devlin Thomas makes history today as Hollow Grove’s first democratically elected mayor. Tuesday night was tense in the town of Hollow Grove. After a good year of campaigning, Twitter battles, and Facebook rants, the 2016 mayoral drew to a close with an unprecedented climax. Many a family and friend gathered around their… Continue reading Devlin Thomas Makes History