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Mainstream Miscellany: Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”

By Regina Carlisle So, my Head Editor suggested that I actually discuss art and culture more relevant to today’s mainstream youth. Her disembodied voice said it would make the paper more relevant. We could even spread our influence to the next county. I asked her what she considered relevant to today’s youth culture and after… Continue reading Mainstream Miscellany: Rae Sremmurd “Black Beatles”

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3. The Muse and the Inner Critic

Mellie has a muse and an inner critic. During spurts of creative energy, she wondered about these two figures that helped to push and stifle her writing. In times of deep contemplation, she couldn’t help but think of them as actual people whispering over her shoulder. The muse and the inner critic both resided in… Continue reading 3. The Muse and the Inner Critic