The “Unsuccessful Idea”

I sometimes wonder how stream-of-consciousness writers pull if off because my own thoughts aren’t layered with such profundity. They’re fragments, idle prattle, or pretentious babble that seeks to emulate that style.

Who knows. These thoughts may be the latter.

I tend to think I’m the smartest person in my own head but when theory is applied to practical methods (like writing), I find out that most of my ideas are dumb. I would say a good 98 percent die in the cradle due to inattention.

These words will start as an idea that struck me at midnight. If powerful enough, I may set it down in a journal for future contemplation. These words are the lucky ones.

But an ungodly portion of my ideas only make it this far. They never announce themselves in a public setting and are lost between the lines. Messy lines of ink will run off the page into an uncertain oblivion. Doomed and forever dubbed and “unsuccessful idea.” The quotations should be trademarked. They’re their own brand of failure.


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