A 2016 Retrospective

2016 has been inconsistent. Both in content and consistency.

I made a lot of goals for this year and I can’t really believe that it’s coming to an end. Like how? Where did all that time go? But here we all are in December, Christmas just past and the New Year fast approaching.

I never really publicized my goals for 2016 because, at that point, I hadn’t really considered it. When 2016 officially began, I just started doing what I wanted to do and hoped I could make the best out of it. Among my undocumented resolutions, I wanted to:

  1.  Read more books
  2. Write more (fiction and/or personal reflection)
  3. And,more implicitly, sharing these things with other people

I’m proud to say that 2016 has been a great year creatively (that’s one mark in this year’s favor at least).

The stats:

  1. As of writing this, I read a good 53 books out of the 45 I pledged on Goodreads (though granted, a good portion of them were manga. Yes, I know that’s cheating).
  2. I started 3 fiction projects during this year (Dreadful Musings, Noise in the Room Upstairs, and Hollow Weekly) with tons of stories in between.
  3. This is my most active year on WordPress. I looked at the stats! I was equally surprised!

I quickly brushed over the first few posts of this year and I’m really impressed with how much I got done in the first half. In the first month, I was regularly posting book reviews and I even got more of my fiction out there. I somehow managed to consistently post content at least a few times a month which is more than can be said for both 2014 and 2015.

But then I hit a bit of a slump in the summer months. There’s many reasons for this. I can’t seem to motivate myself during the summer because everything is hot and icky. It’s my least favorite season despite the fact that I’m a summer child. My life was also a bit of a roller coaster throughout the year  as I dealt with a lot of personal issues and the transition from moving on from college to working adult life. This pressure has been on me from the beginning of the year but my time was pretty free until April-May. All these things led to a writing slump that wasn’t fully dispelled until the spirit of Halloween woke me from my stupor. (That and the coming of lovely autumn). From then until now, I’ve been posting semi-regularly with a few hiccups here and there.

During the last few months, this blog has changed direction a bit. At first, I was all about book reviews but that has kind of disappeared from this blog after about March. Most of my posts for this year have been fiction pieces or idle musings. I still intend on using this blog for talking about books but I wanted a separate space for more thought out discussion. I created another WordPress blog for the purpose back in the summer to divert that content while I kept this one for anything that caught my fancy.

Now for 2017 Goals:

  1. Read even more books (I’ll be gunning for 60…maybe)
  2. Reviewing a good portion of those books
  3. Write even more fiction!
  4. Round out certain stories
  5. Try to interact more with blogging community
  6. Organization! Organization! Organization!
  7. Try not to kick myself to hard if I come short on any of these.

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