Absence of Thought

So, I’m just going to write about the first thing that comes to my head and hope I can make something out of it.

You see, I have committed myself to writing a random post on Monday. Miscellany Monday is what I’m thinking of calling it. The subject of these posts can range from the really weird (like musings on the taste of purple)  to the really personal (usually tales of life with heaping doses of misfortune or humor). In either case, it’s my attempt to keep up a steady habit. Reviews have been mixed.  I’m typically struck with an idea around a self-imposed deadline. Does that mean I penned this in a hurry yesterday in an attempt to fool you all into thinking I’m organized and productive?


Did I perhaps add some filler and flourish here and there to build up this irrelevant post?


Am I ashamed of this?


I’ve debated what to talk about. Should I go on with the lack of things I have to say? Will I discuss the little slivers of blog ideas that I have been sparring with for the last few weeks? Will I write this and decide that it’s too non-sequitur to post? Who would want to hear me rambling about nothing?

Or perhaps this is something, Maybe I’m finding a steady footing and by writing’s end, this turns into something meaningful and comprehensive. Or I could end it now and try again next week.


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