Anime Weekly [11/24/16]

Anime Weekly

In where I update you all about the anime I’m watching.


Okay, I didn’t know what to expect with this series. From the Crunchyroll summary, it just mentioned that Nanba is the most formidable prison in the world. It houses the four main characters (Jyugo, Uno, Rock and Nico) in Cell 13 of Building 13. They’re repeat jailbreaking offenders but are actually quite content with their sentences in Nanba. The anime was listed as an “action comedy” and curiosity beckoned me to check it out.

Seven episodes in and I’m still rather confused about it. The show makes prison look like a vacation and everything is pretty and sparkly. But the comedy and characters keep me hooked. I also can’t get enough of the opening.


Mob Psycho 100

I heard about this show during the last anime season but wasn’t too interested in watching it myself until last week. Oh, how I regret that. I kinda started binging it about three episodes in.



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