Fiction · The Hollow Times

Devlin Thomas Makes History

By September Knight

Devlin Thomas makes history today as Hollow Grove’s first democratically elected mayor.

Tuesday night was tense in the town of Hollow Grove. After a good year of campaigning, Twitter battles, and Facebook rants, the 2016 mayoral drew to a close with an unprecedented climax.

Many a family and friend gathered around their television in agitated anticipation. The crowds that gathered on Dead Street had their eyes trained on the mist cloud above St. Thomas Chapel as the results for the 2016 mayoral election were announced. As the night wore on and the tides slowly but surely shifted from a projected win for contender Hally Clementine to Thomas and his contingency, the world suddenly burst with energy.

Some cheered. Some gasped in horror. Some ritualistic bleeders cried as they took to their smartphones to tweet their opinion.

The world reacted to the win too. The midnight hour brought forth a light dirge from the clocktower to mark the occasion. Werewolf howls were carried on the wind and some solemn zombies held their hands over their still hearts as they engaged the sky with their hundred yard stare.

The people have spoken and they have chosen Thomas as their victor. Setting partisanship aside, it’s important to realize that  Devlin Thomas makes history today. Not only is he the first candidate to win an election here by a democratic vote, rather than a county jousting, but he’s also the first mayor who hails from a major party within these United States.

Let’s welcome to the Know-Nothing Party leader and now Hollow Grove’s mayor-elect, Devlin Thomas.

Reviewed by Hero Takeyama


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