Dear Productivity,

Why are you such a tease?

It’s been two days since I last talked to you. I must’ve lost you somewhere during some dozing contemplation.

Now, I don’t want to come off as ungrateful. You’ve allowed me to accomplish a great many things. Some of my best work was guided by your tempered hand and though not all of our collaborations led to success, I appreciated them all the same. They were proof of our commitment to each other.

But I have to ask, why didn’t you call me yesterday? We made a promise to meet each other for a little creative excursion. If not that, a discussion of the minutiae–a long term tryst that would have led somewhere magical. Instead, you left me preoccupied with TV and set up with Procrastination, your less charming yet very persuasive cousin.

But this is just one piece of  a much bigger problem. You never seem to want to talk to me when I have the time. You always check up on me when I’m busy. When I only have enough time for a hurried conversation built on large ideas that lack coherency. We make arrangements to follow-up and build up that small foundation but half the time you stand me up for days on end.

And then there are your mercurial moods. You meet up with me but are noncommittal. You act like you’d rather be somewhere else, motivating me for a few minutes before disappearing to pursue your own fancy. Sometimes, you make Procrastination seem like better company. They at least seems more dedicated to make our relationship work. They offer distraction from the nagging tug you leave in my chest.

Productivity, with all personification and hyperbole aside, I think it would be nice if you stayed with me when I need you. We both have to make this relationship work and stir Motivation from their divine stupor when the time is right. I want to do great things with you but you’ve got to meet me halfway.


Oh, and there you are now!

Must you make a habit of creeping through my window at 12 o’clock in the morning? I want sleep not a bit of creative insight!

Your nightly visits are an issue we must discuss at another time.


That Lazy Lump on the Couch


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