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A Halloween Service Announcement

Penned by Your Reflection

In the end, we all become monsters.

I’m not speaking metaphorically.

Ask yourself: What really classifies a monster?

Many would suggest apparitions of horror–terror and evil embodied in physical form and left to wreak havoc on the mortal within us all. Inexplicably, these horrific apparitions take the form of cuddly creatures like wolves, bats and your friendly neighborhood ghost. Honestly, who wrote the rules on what we consider horrible.

Actually, do something for me, reader.

Put down this paper, walk to your bathroom, and stare in the mirror. Give yourself a nice long look right at your own reflection. Look into the deep dark chasm of your pupil. Contemplate the uncertainty that lingers there: the specters that go unseen in the gloom, the potential evil you possess, the secrets that you keep.

Stare long enough and you will see that you are your own worst monster. Everything else about your appearance from the color of your hair, the pigmentation of your skin, and the wear of the skeleton that sleeps inside you are just the costume you wear.

This has been your friendly neighborhood service announcement.

A Hollow Weekly Service Announcement


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