Let Me Start Again…

Well, that was a fine reintroduction into the WordPress world. I’ve been inactive for over a month and I talk about how bitter I am with the world. That simply won’t do.

Now, what to do discuss. I have to think really hard about this one.

I mean, a lot and not so much has happened in my life recently. Perhaps the biggest change is that I’m working a part time job at retail store. I’ve never worked retail before and it’s quite the experience. You get to interact with new people on the daily and sometimes have to offer advice on products you don’t really have any clue about. I mean, I would love to offer advice about interior decorating and whether this color goes with that one but since I objectively have no sense of style I’m left there dumbfounded. All I can do is nod my head and agree.

I try to concentrate on my writing in my spare moments. Despite the fact that I’ve been inactive here, I’ve been writing nonstop (stifling the urge to make Hamilton reference) since the beginning of the year. I’m actually somewhat astounded by my output. I mean, most of my ideas and concepts are unfinished but they’re at least written down to some capacity. Usually, I let ideas marinate in my brain for a good few weeks–months–before ever setting them down on paper. It takes even longer to share them because of my perfectionist tendencies.

The sharing part is still a struggle (as evidenced here) but I’m steadily adopting the habit of setting down ideas on paper first and then later editing them into a complete story. This should really go without saying but I find it difficult to write any idea if I don’t have a plan–a plan that I never really make concrete on a piece of paper until it’s mapped out already. It seems that I’m almost afraid of writing down something incomplete versus letting an idea fade into obscurity without the opportunity for growth and that should not be the case. Again, I’m getting better but it’s an uphill climb.

So, what else is there to say. I’m not quite sure. I may think of something in the next few days because a good month or two is a lot of time for nothing to happen.


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