Music of the Week

I don’t nearly talk about my interest in music enough. This new section will be me discussing my favorite music for this week and attempting to explain why I like it. Here goes:

  1. “M+M’s” by Blink 182

Ever since around December I’ve been a little bit obsessed with Blink 182. I can’t readily explain it. This song in particular always really gets to me when I hear it. I interpret as a sweet love song in the pop punk style. My favorite line is “Cause when I’m with you/ there’s nothing I wouldn’t do/ I just want to be your only one” in the chorus. The imagery in it also evokes brings to mind two teenagers falling in love with the hope that it’ll last forever.


2. Wild Things by Alessia Cara

I’ve really been into songs that seem to embody adolescence. This may be nostalgia. It may be me searching for character inspiration. In either case, I really like this song (and Alessia Cara but that may be for another post). In it, she discusses carving out personal spaces in a world that seems to demand a certain conformity. It tells the audience to be themselves with no apology. Find like-minded people and show them how you dance.


3. Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand (2013)

I’ll admit it. I first came across this song while watching an Kekkai Sensen amv. I really like this song.  It’s weird, fun and I’ve been listening to it nonstop since I first heard it.

Fair warning: The video features some cheesy horror effects but it was enough to make me a bit squeamish.






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