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Quick Thoughts on David Foster Wallace

I love David Foster Wallace. I was first introduced to him through my creative nonfiction writing class during my sophomore year in college and have went on to read a number of essays by him. “Consider the Lobster” has long been a favorite of mine but his examination on televisual culture in “E Unibus Plurum: Television and U.S Fiction” has also won my heart. In that particular essay, I enjoyed his discussion on how television utilizes irony to keep the audience glued to the screen despite the general disdain towards its popularity in the 90s.

It must be said, however, that Wallace’s essays should be consumed slowly. I made the mistake of trying to quickly read through another one of his books (Consider the Lobster, namely) and had my patience tested through some of his longer works. Though the book was equally entertaining, I found myself intellectually drained after each long essay. It takes a lot to parcel through some of the jargon and technical language Wallace employs. Reading him sometimes calls for the deliberation I would resever for reading theoretical essays in college. At least, this is the case for me.


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