My Writing Challenge

I have very recently committed myself to writing around 1000 words per day for the next month.

I have to admit that I am flawed when it comes to my writing practices. I’m usually lazy, digging deep to find some shred of motivation. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I don’t go a day without daydreaming about a certain character or scenario that catches my fancy. It’s more that I’m afraid to start it. I think over and over about a certain plot but when the time comes to make it concrete, I freeze. I ponder how impossible it is to write a certain thing and, even worse, how to write it in the way it would bring out its full potential.

It probably should be obvious at this point that I don’t have much faith in myself as a writer. When it comes to most ideas, I convince myself that it’s stupid or I’m not eloquent enough to write it. I’m afraid to share my work, hiding it deep within folders of rejected ideas or coded Work documents. When I want to tell others about the characters I’ve created or the intricacies of my worlds, I see all their flaws, their hugeness, and my own inadequacies as a writer to make them truly come to life. I’m a perfectionist and overthink things to the point that I just stand still.

Ironically enough, writing is my passion. I usually hide how much writing truly means to me by downplaying the amount of work I put into my stories with my friends. Writing may drive me insane and make me want to crawl into a dark hole of self-doubt, but it’s also the thing that make me the happiest when it’s done.

The challenge: write 1000 words about anything every day for the next month. I got a bit of a head start yesterday and managed to write 2000 words for a particular piece I’ve been writing (though I won’t comment about the quality).


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