It’s Been A Long Time

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t published anything for so long. How long has it been? Two months? Three months?

I never meant to be away for this long. I just got hit with an onslaught of busy work. Between my job which muddles my sense of time to the two thesis I’m writing this semester, I hardly have time for anything else. I realize this is not really an excuse because, despite my busy schedule, I always make time to watch Once Upon a Time and House MD. I am a master at wasting time which is not something to be particularly proud of.

The writing process is also very intense for me. I rarely release something out into the world without it being thoroughly vetted for errors. During this process however,something is more likely to be dropped because I endlessly toy with it to the point that I deem it unfit to see the light of day. This is probably going to be published as soon as I stop typing to avoid such an inevitable pitfall. This is more of a life update than a cleverly crafted piece. (I wonder if clever is the right word).

Anyway, that’s all that I really have to say. Hopefully, I’ll start posting more in the weeks to come. I have overcome some academic hurdles and have a little bit of breathing room so let’s see how I use my time.


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