Adulting more in the New Year

Reflections on the Last Year about Two Weeks Late (Whoops!)

2014 was an interesting year. It was a year full of opportunity, tragedy and emotional roller coasters. It was a year I did so much but also discovered my own limitations or at least became painfully aware of them.

2014 provided me the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I accomplished my middle school fantasy of going to Japan. This I will mark as the highlight of my year. It was such a wonderful adventure. I got to see so much, do so much, and met such wonderful people.

Other minor victories of the year include finishing off my academic semesters strongly, meeting and exceeding my Goodreads book challenge (I aimed for 20 books but by year’s end I had read 26!), meeting some more awesome people and managing to write a decent amount of things that I am legitimately proud of. I even started this blog and committed to it more or less. (Let’s forget about the two months I’ve been away 🙂 ).

The latter part of the year was the season of Fall Out Boy. Under the Cork Tree stole my heart (about 9-10 years late) and left me an avid fan for the rest of their music. Last week I completed my Fall Out Boy CD set and yesterday I pre-ordered their American Beauty/ American Psycho CD. The band managed to help me when I needed it the most serving both as inspiration and comfort.

I also officially became adult-like. I did my taxes for the first time and voted during the the Congressional elections in my state (though all of my candidates lost!).

Despite all these wonderful things, I can’t help but also mark 2014 as the most stressful and agonizing year for the books. “Adulting” is not my strongest quality yet. Last year I had to do a lot of it. The Japan trip required a lot of decision making and money giving. Though I didn’t necessarily have to pay for the trip I still had to pay my passport and put money away for daily expenses. The whole thing cost me a good $500 out of my own pocket. That might not seem like much but I’m a college student paid minimum wage two-thirds of the year. There was also the fact that my parents wanted me to get an internship or a job during the summer. Since I was going to be gone two weeks of it, I didn’t think anyone would hire me.

The last semester was also a stressful one. I mean, a really stressful one! So stressful that I felt I could get nothing else but schoolwork done and that just barely. It turned out alright in the end. I had an intense case of the over thinking during this time and I hope to avoid doing that in 2015. (At least, not doing it as much. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible not to over think).

For the new year I hope to adult better. To avoid getting caught up in my own head and just do what needs to be done when it should be done. I hope to read more, exercise more, and enjoy life more.

Happy 2015 Everyone!


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