Why I Started A Writing Blog

So, why am I starting a writing blog?

This is actually my second attempt in starting one. I started one on tumblr that had a similar title but I could never really get into it. I was quite aimless in my subject and lacked the proper diligence to keep it going. That’s not to say that I am more diligent now. Quite the opposite. I’m the same person who lacks commitment with things like this. I write all the time but I never really have the courage to sit at a computer and type it and put it all out for the world to see. When I’m on a computer, I get so easily distracted. The motivation to do something creative zaps with the likes of tumblr and YouTube beckoning through the bright lit screen. I find myself diverging on one path and then another just as quickly. Before I know it, five hours has passed.

So, this is my attempt to change all that. I find that progress can be enacted with fresh starts. I’ll try my best to keep this going. To prove to myself that I can indeed be a diligent writer. I want to post something weekly, though I know that goal is a bit lofty for one such as myself. Maybe I should ease the pressure and say post whenever I feel like I have something meaningful to say but that may give me too much freedom. I find that I have very little things worth meaning to say and that’s really my first problem. It’s quite the evil thought process. I have a bad inner monologue that conspires with the narrator of my story.



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