Insight into the Addled Mind


Welcome All to My Little Corner of the Internet.

About Me: 

Mysha-Ta’ti’ana is an odd 20-something who’s main obsessions center around music and literature. She spends a good deal of her time with her head in the clouds where she creates worlds and characters that end up tightly bound in one of her many notebooks. When she comes down, you can find her slaving away at her laptop screen parsing out her addled musings and the mysteries of the English language.

She’s a recent(ish) college graduate with B.As in English and History who, at this point, is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Her time at a certain Midwestern university has cultivated her skills in research and communication, particularly of the written variety. It has also instilled in her a deeper passion for literature and all things written.

Outside creative interest, her other hobbies include spending hours listening to music, overthinking life, and over analysis of everything she loves in television and movies.

In summary, she tends to overthink things.

Musings of An Addled Mind

Musing of An Addled Mind is a writing blog that specifically focuses on the author’s personal fiction, book thoughts, and extended musings. She has a lot of thoughts and she had a deep set desire to create one.

In literary interests, she tries to focus on diverse books. She picks up adult books and YA books. She finds it a plus when a book manages to include a diverse cast of characters and tackles a diverse range of issues from politics to mental health to overthrowing an otherworldly despot while trying to pass Algebra II. This goes for all entertainment actually.

Fair warning to all: she tends to ramble a lot about the stuff she likes. Like a lot. To the point of excess.

If you want to see what else she is up to please check out these platforms!


Deviantart: Also CreativelyAddled

Tends to focus on the fiction side of things.




5 thoughts on “Insight into the Addled Mind

  1. Thank you so much for following me! I looked around your blog and can I just say that it is very interesting. I admire the way you openly share your thoughts on non-bookish topics. And I hope to read more of your musings soon. 😊


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